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Dietetic Internship Program
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Hamilton Health Sciences' Dietetic Internship Program


What is the Dietetic Internship experience at Hamilton Health Sciences? 


“The HHS internship was an excellent learning experience to say the least. It challenged me in ways I didn't expect, and it helped groom me into a responsible health professional. I loved interacting with other members of the healthcare team. The internship was most the valuable experience in my academic career thus far, and I am glad to have chosen HHS for it.!” 
"I got to experience most areas of dietetics that interested me in a hospital setting. I felt that the dietitians in these rotations were amazing at balancing the teaching aspect and letting me learn on my own. I felt that I was able to become competent in all of my inpatient rotations, but also knew that I could approach my preceptor for guidance if required.” 
“We are exposed to a variety of placements, which is great. The preceptors were great mentors and made learning so much information a very positive experience. It was evident that they were passionate about teaching and wanted me as an intern to get the most out of this experience. It is clear to me that the dietitians at HHS collaborate and work together, and that is an environment that I would like to work in in the future.” 
“The strengths of this Internship, for me, were: 
  • Having 11 other interns in the program.
  • The variety of the placements; inpatient, outpatient, population health.
  • The preceptors were really encouraging and supportive.
  • Well-organized.
  • Education days
  • A large healthcare system to work in"
“The clinical placements including outpatient and inpatient were the greatest strengths of this program. I feel like I gained a wide variety of skills and was exposed to all areas of dietetics. All of my preceptors were incredibly helpful in terms of teaching and guiding me, providing resources and opportunities for further learning, giving feedback in a constructive way and giving me enough independence to develop my own style of practicing dietetics prior to entering the career field. The patient populations available to practice with within HHS is a huge strong suit of this internship program and offer extremely valuable learning experiences.”
“I had the opportunity to participate in three very different projects that taught me a lot about the different areas of public health. My preceptors at Hamilton Public Health were very supportive and the environment was conducive to learning.”

For further information, contact:

Dietetic Education Coordinator
Hamilton Health Sciences
Phone:  905-521-2100 x44923
Email:  studentaffairs@hhsc.ca

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