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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Access for Students Placed at HHS

Q. Who requests computer access for students?
A. The Office of Student Affairs requests computer access for students.  For nursing students attending either McMaster University or Mohawk College, the respective placement coordinators request access directly with Health Information Technology Services at HHS. For these students, the Clinical Placement Office at Mohawk College and the BScN Program Office distributes the usernames directly to students.

Q. How do students obtain access to electronic documentation (eCare)?
A. Students must be trained in eCare before they can get access.  Students cannot provide nursing care in clinical areas unless they have completed training in electronic documentation.  They can job shadow only without eCare access.  It is against hospital policy and standards from the College of Nurses of Ontario for faculty or staff to document on behalf of students. 

Q. How will I receive my username for IT access?
A.  HITS will provide the student username to whoever requested access for the student.  For nursing students, the Clinical Placement Office at Mohawk College and the BScN Program Office distributes the usernames directly to students. For the majority of others, the Office of Student Affairs will distribute the student’s username.

Q.  How will I receive my password for IT access?
A.  Recent security standards implemented by eHealth Ontario require the secure delivery of account information, including the delivery of unique passwords for each student.  On or before the beginning of each placement, students will receive a separate email directly from Hamilton Health Sciences (passadmin@hhsc.ca) with the subject line “*PHI HHS Access”.  To access this encrypted email, students will be directed through a registration process. Once the registration process is complete, students will be able to view the entirety of the encrypted email which will contain their new, unique, one-time password. 

Q.  How do I log onto the HHS network for the first time?
A.  Using your username and unique password, follow these instructions.

Q. I’m having problems accessing the HHS network.
A. Problems /  Solutions:

I do not have a username - Contact the program / department who requested your access
I do not have a password - Please check your student email, including junk file
I have a username and password, but still cannot access the Network - Please call the Computer Access Management Team (x 44201)
My PIN for BMV isn’t working (or I cannot remember my PIN) - Call Helpdesk (x 43000) for assistance.

Q. How are eCare classes offered to students?
A. BScN students in Level 4 and Practical Nursing Pregrads attend an eCare class provided by HHS.  If students have been trained previously for a clinical placement at HHS, it is not necessary to attend the class.  For students in group placements, faculty provide the training to all students in their group.  Faculty attend an eCare class provided by HHS in order to train their students.  Faculty send the date of the training provided to their group, the unit they will be on and a list of all students attending, to Kevin Mickleboro at micklkev@hhsc.ca.  After this date and list of students is received, access will be granted.


 Q.  How do faculty book computer training rooms in order to train their students?

General Hospital (rooms located in the Learning Resource Centre at 293 Wellington) - HHS-Education@hhsc.ca

Suite 115 at 293 Wellington Street 
Kevin Mickleboro    micklkev@hhsc.ca

Juravinski Hospital - HHS-Education@hhsc.ca

McMaster University Medical Centre - HHS-Education@hhsc.ca

St. Peter’s Hospital  (requires Internet Explorer 8)

A few other points about the computer training room bookings:

  • With your request, please include:
    • Date and time required
    • Name, email and phone number of person booking the room
    • Name of the most responsible person for the session
    • How many people will be in the room
    • What the room with be used for i.e. eCare training
  • Faculty need to call HHS Security directly at the site a few minutes before their booking to have Security open and lock the training room.  Faculty can call Switchboard and ask to be connected with Security at the site.  Faculty using the Computer Training Room at the General will need to get the key from Debra Hall, located across the hallway from the Learning Resource Centre in Suite 126. 
  • Only one person is to book the training room on behalf of a group.  Multiple requests create delays and confusion with the bookings.
  • Bookings cannot be confirmed within 24 hours.  It may take 3-4 days to confirm the booking, depending upon the volume of requests.

Q. I am an employee of HHSC, can I/should I use my HHSC staff login for my student placement?
A. NO, do not use your HHSC staff login for your student placement / faculty role.  You will be provided with a separate login for Meditech for your student placement / faculty role.  Your HHSC Citrix login can be only used to logon and access our Network.   If you have Clinical Connect, as an employee, it is NOT to be used for your student placement.

Q. Who receives Acudose Access?
A.  Nursing students in level IV placements or consolidation, along with clinical faculty, will receive Acudose Access.  Follow these instructions.

Q. Who can assist me with Acudose Access
A. To address issues with Acudose access, please e-mail the Acudose administrator (acudoseadmin@hhsc.ca) or call the Acudose line x 76654.  Kindly note that this team works Monday to Friday,  8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Posted:  January 25, 2018 - DN/dz

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