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The Predoctoral Psychology Residency Programs at Hamilton Health Sciences are currently accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association.

There are two Residency Training Programs at HHS with separate brochures available (see below): 

  1. Clinical Child Psychology (four positions:  two in the General Track, one in the Autism Track, one in the Pediatric Neuropsychology Track)
  2. Clinical Neuropsychology (two positions)

Residents are asked to participate on interdisciplinary teams and the training program strives to expose Residents to a range of patient populations and intervention approaches.  This breadth and depth is an attractive attribute of the pre-doctoral residency programs at Hamilton Health Sciences. All Residents in the Clinical Child Psychology Residency complete core requirements in the Child and Youth Mental Health Program.  The Resident in the Autism track completes a core experience in the Autism Spectrum Disorder Service, and the Resident in the Pediatric Neuropsychology track completes a core experience in the Neurology/ Seizure/ Oncology services.

All Clinical Child Psychology Residents complete some minor core requirements in Developmental Pediatrics and Child and Youth Mental Health Emergency and Inpatient Services.

The Clinical Neuropsychology Residents are assigned to primary rotations in the Acquired Brain Injury Program, the Integrated Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, and in the Adult Consultation Neuropsychology Service.  Additional rotations outside of their core requirements are negotiated on an individual basis so that each Resident can select experiences that meet their particular needs and goals. Diverse opportunities are offered depending on the Resident’s knowledge base and supervisor availability in a given year. See brochure for more details on each of the programs’ structure. 

The predoctoral psychology residency programs provide a supervised opportunity for the integrated application of the theoretical, clinical, professional, and ethical knowledge and skills acquired during graduate training.  Residents are expected to develop core competence in the assessment and treatment of patients with a range of psychiatric, developmental, medical, learning, neurological, behavioural, and emotional difficulties, and more highly developed and independent skills in evidence-based treatment approaches.  Supervision in the acquisition and refinement of assessment, formulation, and therapeutic skills is available in behavioural, psychodynamic, cognitive, family, group, neuropsychological, and rehabilitation principles and techniques. Residents are exposed to the work of Psychologists on interdisciplinary inpatient and outpatient teams and have the opportunity to develop skills collaborating with health care professionals from other disciplines, schools, and community agencies.  During their program they are expected to see patients from diverse cultural backgrounds.  They also participate in teaching, research and supervision experiences along with seminar series involving case formulation and didactic presentations and on ethical and professional standards.

Funding for the Resident positions is currently around $39,000.  Vacation pay and sick time are paid in lieu of and are equivalent to that of any starting full time (temporary) staff member at HHS.  Residents are provided with dedicated office space and technology and current professional assessment materials and equipment.

Applicants are required to complete the standard on-line APPIC application.  Applications are due by November 2nd.

Further information on Accreditation can be obtained from the CPA Accreditation Office - 141 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 702, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5J3  
1-888-472-0657, or online at: http://www.cpa.ca/accreditation/whatis/

  to download CLINICAL CHILD PSY CHOLOGY brochure 
  to download CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGY brochure


Clinical Child Psychology Residency Program:
Dr. Jennifer McTaggart, Director of Training
905-521-2100 - ext. 74260 mctaggart@hhsc.ca

Clinical Neuropsychology Residency Program:
Dr. Kathy Smolewska, Director of Training
905-521-2100 - ext. 46872 smolewska@hhsc.ca

For practicum placements, please contact:
Dr. Tony DeBono, Practicum Placement Coordinator
905-521-2100 – ext. 72845  debonot@hhsc.ca

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